Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shirley Yeung sandwiched between Vivien Yeo and Eric Suen

TVB organised a promotional function for its latest drama series, Pages of Treasures. The main cast - Shirley Yeung, Vivien Yeo, Eric Suen and Paul Chun were among those present. The latest news in HK showbiz is about the restructuring of key positions in rival TV station, ATV. Vivien was asked about her opinion regarding the matter in which she replied, "Hope they are gradually good, but I am not sure about this and do not want to talk about it."

Pages of Treasures

Shirley added, "Hope that it is a healthy competition between TVB and ATV. With the presence of competition comes about a great effort and determination. I support TVB with all my heart and confidence." Paul Chun also offered his thoughts, "I knew ATV had faced a lot of problems a few years back. These recent years ATV had incurred many expenses plus the production ATV produced had not been fond or liked by the public. This does not relate about all the ratings about TVB. ATV had recently filmed two series too."

Vivien Yeo and Shirley Yeung Pages of Treasures

Vivien and Pages of Treasures co-star, Eric Suen are rumoured to be dating. During the event, reporters requested for the two of them to be photographed together but somehow there's always someone standing between them and most of the time it's Shirley. Shirley, Vivien and Eric will be involved in a love triangle in the series.

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