Sunday, December 21, 2008

Linda Chung models for Chevignon Jeans

Linda Chung who is now appearing on TV screens as Elise Sung in The Gem of Life is a jeans enthusiast. She owns more than a hundred pairs of jeans. She feels that the ar$e is the most important part of a woman's anatomy! She explained, "Many brands of jeans will make the girl's pat pat (buttock) look smaller, but Chevignon's jeans will not. I think that if girls' pat pat is pushed up, it would look the most beautiful!"

Linda ChungLinda Chung

Linda was selected to model for jeans brand, Chevignon's Christmas line - Noir Collection. Linda also revealed that she is most impressed with Jennifer Lopez's buttocks.

Linda Chung

Linda shared that she was once a shy girl. She would not attend Christmas dance parties. Linda explained that it's not because her mother forbade her but it's because she felt embarrased.

Source: Oriental Daily with translation by aZnangel @

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