Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sammul Chan and Koni Lui visit the Philippines

Sammul Chan and Koni Lui were in Manila to film a tourism documentary. They visited places such as Rizal Park, Manila Bay and Manila ocean Park. Sammul was most intrigued by the 400 year old San Agustin Church. "All the items inside are valuable, especially the antique book made of sheep skin, and I could actually touch the book," Sammul explained. Sammul and Koni toured over 10 scenic spots in Manila and filming took about 2 days.

Sammul Chan and Koni Lui

At Manila Ocean Park, Sammul got to see the world's biggest freshwater fish but lamented that he could not take photos as the place was too dark.

Sammul Chan

This trip to Manila was Sammul's virgin trip to the Philippines. He had initially planned to extend his trip so that he could enjoy sun-tanning at this tropical country. Unfortunately, it is now rainy season and the weather is mostly cloudy. Sammul lament, "I can’t go to Thailand recently, at first I thought that Philippines is a tropical country, thus I can enjoy sun-tanning, but it turned out that it was the rainy season, and the sky was cloudy every day, I was really pissed!"

Source: The Sun / Oriental Daily with translations by Firesheepy @

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