Friday, December 19, 2008

Charitable Raymond Lam is busy

Raymond Lam is one busy man. He had two functions to attend on the same day!

Raymond Lam and Miriam yeung

First up: Opening Ceremony for a new Gucci Store. Gucci recently launched a collection of handbags and clothes known as "Tattoo". The sales from the Tattoo line will be channeled to UNICEF. Raymond attended the opening of one of Gucci's stores. Raymond took the opportunity to contribute to charity by buying three bags at the event. The three bags (one for himself, the other two for his mom and sister) cost $40,000. Raymond is very charitable and also expressed his interest to sponsor a child.

Raymond Lam at Shanghai World Expo

Next up: Raymond attended the Shanghai World Expo 500 Day Countdown function. Bowie Lam and Liza Wang were also present. Raymond shared that he felt happy because he gets to perform at the same show as his idol, Jacky Cheung. Raymond expressed that he is afraid of embarrassing himself in front of Jacky. Reporters informed Raymond that his duet partner, Vincy, had earlier autographed her own album and gave it to Jacky as a present. Raymond quickly adds that he would do the same as "it is a sign of respect!"

Source: (1) Singtao, Takungpo, Tom (2) On.CC with translations by

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