Monday, December 22, 2008

Gallen Lo and Anita Yuen kiss in public

Recently there were many sightings of the filming of new TVB production, The Grand Entrepreneur. Gallen Lo and Anita Yuen were spotted filming on location in Central. They were even seen locking lips.

Gallen Lo Anita Yuen The Grand Entrepreneur TVB

According to unnamed sources, the scene they were filming tells the story of Gallen's character who fell in love with Anita in Sabah (a state in East Malaysia). Gallen somehow damaged Anita's belongings. When they were both back in Hong Kong, the two of them bumped into each other at Statue Square. Anita seized the opportunity to demand for compensation from Gallen. Gallen refused to compensate and Anita framed him for stealing a ring of hers. Policemen then arrived on scene. Gallen had to maneuver his way out of that sticky situation and decided to hold Anita in his arms and gave her a kiss so it looks like they were merely having a lover's quarrel. Anita then retaliated by hitting Gallen on his chest.

Gallen Lo Anita Yuen The Grand Entrepreneur TVB

After completing the first scene of their meeting, the two very professional actors then proceeded to film another scene whereby their characters are already dating. The both of them strolled hand in hand by the Legislative Council building and shared an intimate kiss.

Gallen Lo Anita Yuen The Grand Entrepreneur TVB

Gallen was teased that he had the luck to enjoy so many kissing scenes with Anita, but Gallen said that it's all in a day's work. Gallen also praised Anita for being professional and even claimed that her performance is Best Actress material. "Filming in these places is very rushed, we have to get into our roles immediately, I don't think much, this is to fit in with the plot, with so many years of experience I can handle this with ease. I am very happy to work with Anita, she hit me hard but it felt comfortable," explained Gallen.

Echoing Gallen's thoughts, Anita said the kissing scenes are all part of work. She is not worried that her husband Julian Cheung will be jealous. "Kissing in the street is OK, it's worse to feel embarrassed and have to kiss again, I rather audaciously complete it in one shot," Anita said. Filming for The Grand Entrepreneur will continue through the holidays but Anita said she will try to take a few days off to spend some time with her family.

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