Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fans moved Raymond Lam to tears

Raymond Lam graced the opening ceremony to kick start Christmas at a shopping mall. Raymond proudly informed the reporters present that it was his birthday on that day. "This is my last time having a 2 for my age, next year I will not be announcing my birthday," Raymond said. His fans, who knew that Raymond will be at the function, prepared in advance to celebrate his birthday with him. The fans presented Raymond with mini Birthday Buns (siew toh) and serenade their idol with a birthday song. Raymond was very touched by their sweet gesture and was in tears.

Raymond Lam Birthday celebration with fans

Raymond revealed that he would be celebrating with friends that night. They will be going for dinner together. His birthday wish was for him to break in to the music scene. He wants to be a versatile singer who can sing and dance. There were reports that TVB executive, Virginia Lok has her artistes pets whereby she favours some artistes over others. Raymond rubbished these reports as merely rumours, saying Ms Lok is fair to all. "She is very busy too but she looks after us well. She is a very efficient head," added Raymond.

Source:MingPao with translations by dragon888 @ AsianVN.com

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