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The Gem of Life: The story of the 3 Hong sisters

The story of The Gem of Life is centered on the three Hong Sisters. It is their story which the producers and scriptwriters are telling us. The audience will be sharing their lives; the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations and the joys and excitement! Let's take a look at these 3 sisters individually. Which one can you related the most to?

Maggie Siu as Hong Nga Yin, Sylvia

Maggie Siu as Sylvia Hong Nga Yin

Sylvia Hong is a rebel in her mother's eyes. When she was dating her ex-husband Tim, her mother made a remark about how Tim isn't suitable for her. And the next thing she did was to marry him right away. She is always standing at opposite ends with her mother. But she is also the one who understands her mother to the core. She can read into her mother's motives and intentions.

Sylvia is also a known workaholic. She's in charge of the entertainment department in Calvin Ko's media company. Sylvia has a unique relationship with Calvin. Initially they appear to be at each other's throats and yet they also complement each other well while working. Sylvia knows which buttons to push to get what she wants, and so does Calvin. Calvin even brought Sylvia to meet his mother, something he has never done in the past!

This relationship of theirs eventually progressed into a romantic one. Calvin treats Sylvia differently; cheers her up when she's unhappy and even cooks for her. It was a case of food poisoning that ousts their relationship to their colleagues. However, one of Calvin's pals, Sunny, isn't trilled to know about their relationship. He was upset. Sylvia felt guilty and assumed that Sunny had feelings for her but she was wrong. Sunny admit to her that he's gay. Can Sylvia - Calvin - Sunny work out this love triangle of theirs? Or will the three of them hurt in silence?

Gigi Lai as Hong Nga Tung, Constance

Gigi Lai Chi as Constance Hong Nga Tung

Constance's character is said to be the "weakest" among the 3 sisters. She's the most romantic, the most naive and only sees the goodside of everyone. Even when she's taken advantage of by her own sisters she doesn't retaliate for she loves her sister and believes that a family should remain united.

Constance start the series with a failed marriage. She was completely in denial and wouldn't accept that her marriage had failed until her mother spring a surprise on her - bringing her face to face with her husband and his mistress!

With the support of her family, Constance learned to stand up again. She worked as a sales assistant in the Diamond company her father worked at and at the same time undertake design courses for jewellery. It was around this time that she started a relationship with Fatt, a newspaper stall owner. She persisted in the relationship even when her mother objected to it. However, she broke up with Fatt when she realised that he lied and concealed many truths from her.

Constance then at the offer of Terrence Hoh joined his company as his private secretary. He find her sweet and sincere a total opposite from her conniving younger sister, Jessica. Terrence began to have an interest in Constance and began to pursue her. Constance was reluctant to start another relationship but in the end gave in to Terence's charm. Their sweet romance faced the biggest hurdle of their relationship when Jessica secretly married Terence's father, Martin in Phuket.

Terence was adamant that they continue their relationship but Constance, under pressure from her mother, decided to call it quits. What will become of this couple? Will their love triumph over all obstacles?

Ada Choi as Hong Nga Sze, Jessica

Ada Choi as Jessica Hong Nga Sze

Jessica is the apple of her mother's eyes. She's the most ambitious, the most materialistic and the smartest of the three sisters. She knows what she wants and works her way through to achieve it.

At the start of the drama, Jessica is a happily married woman. She has a well off husband and is able to lead the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In fact, she's even dubbed the Queen of Heels for owning the most pairs of high-heel shoes in Hong Kong. But a twist of luck left her husband business at stake and the bright future she has in jeopardy. When her husband ranway to Taiwan, Jessica has to bear all his debts. Jessica tried to persevere through it but seeing she has no way out, her mother applied for bankruptcy on her behalf.

Jessica then worked at Daisy Ho's PR company and began dating one of Mrs Sung's godson's. It is at an opening for Mrs Sung's art gallery that she met Martin Hoh. Thus a friendship began between these two. She could confide in Martin and Martin could provide her with answers that stimulates her brain.

Jessica then aimed to work at Mellisa's PR company as well as call it quits with Mrs Sung's godson. Her new aim in her life was Martin Hoh. Her relationship with Martin was opposed strongly by Terrence, Martin's son and her father. However, it was a business trip to Phuket which throw Martin and her together. After Terrence's initial objection, Martin broke up with Jessica but a twist of fate brought the two of them back to Phuket. It was there that they both decided to get married in spite of all the objections and criticism they will face back home. Did Jessica marry Martin for his wealth or was it true love?

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