Monday, December 8, 2008

Ada Choi shelves baby plans

Ada Choi attended Olay's promo function recently. She was dressed all in red akin a huge "red packet" but Ada said she isn't a red packet, merely in the mood for Christmas!

Ada Choi

Ada revealed that she will be working this Christmas, busy filming new drama Superwoman. Ada said as the current economy situation is bleak, it's good to have work. Ada expressed her concern for her skin, saying that with HD technology, every detail is viewable on camera. Ada shared that she uses more skincare products and revealed that prior to using those products on herself, she'll use her husband as a guinea pig. "Actually I have a new product that I'm using, I will use my husband's face to test, so my husband's face is a lot better now, got more handsome too," Ada said.

Reporters asked Ada if she and husband, Max Zhang, plan to have a baby soon. Ada said, "I need to film Superwoman, it's not the time to have kids, you want me to miscarry the baby! We will first enjoy the two-people world, having kids will think about later." Ada also has more jobs now due to the popularity of The Gem of Life. Even passerby's calls her by her screen nickname - Xiao Mei.

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @

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