Friday, December 5, 2008

Contract renewal for award winners hit a snag

The most talked about TVB topic this week is the retrenchment of over 200 TVB employees. Many artistes have provided their reactions on the issue. According to reports, TVB assured artistes that any retrenchment exercises carried out will not affect them. However, another report recently surfaced and it appears that although artistes are not directly affected, they will still be some indirect implications.

It was reported that contract discussions with Ha Yu, Michelle Yim and Wayne Lai have halted. It appears that Wayne was the first to admit that TVB has informed him of their intention to postpone contract discussions for his contract renewal. Wayne explained, "This is not unusual and I will not be unhappy. I've been in this line for so long, I should have hit a wage ceiling. And my award has brought me extra income; I will be performing in Vancouver this New Year!"

Wayne Lai TVB 41st Anniversary Awards
Wayne Lai with his Best Supporting Actor Award

Just like Wayne, Michelle also appears optimistic. She understands that TVB doesn't want this to happen either but the world economy crisis left them without an alternative. She revealed that she still has a year to go on her current contract. Michelle also advised those retrenched to stay positive and hoped that the company will re-hire them when they can.

Michelle Yim TVB 41st Anniversary Awards
Michelle Yim - Best Actress 2008

Bosco Wong and Linda Chung are the luckier few who managed to renew their contract before the economy crisis. "When I went back to office today, I realized many make up artists and hairstylists have received the retrenchment letter. I have known for four years and I'm really upset about this. Lets hope the crisis will be over soon," Linda said. Bosco however refused to give any comments, saying that "retrenchment is a company's policy."

Source: Channel News Asia | Yahoo News Singapore
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