Friday, December 5, 2008

Bernice Liu trilled to be speaking in English

Bernice Liu's big Hollywood break is finally here. She is currently filming opposite Maggie Q in The King of Fighters. Her stint in Hollywood spans about 3 months.

Bernice took a break from filming and appeared at an event for P&G with Sammul Chan and Mandy Lieu. Bernice expressed her joy of being able to film in English. "This time is the first time since I entered the industry that I will be speaking English lines, I'm really happy!" Bernice said.

Bernice Liu

Bernice's contract with TVB still has a long way to go although she expressed her concern for those retrenched. Bernice was also questioned if TVB favoured her, sending her to film in Hollywood when they are facing uncertainties. Bernice clarified that every artiste has different roles to play and contribute differently to the company.

Source: wenweipo with translations by aZnangel @

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