Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cast of The Gem of Life tries Golfing

Cast of blockbuster drama series The Gem of Life went for a round of golf as part of a promotional event. Bowie Lam, Ada Choi, Maggie Siu, Kenny Wong, Queenie Chu, John Chiang and Lee Si Kei were among those who showed off their golfing talents.

Ada Choi The Gem of Life TVB

Ada, who played the role of Jessica Hong, shared that she used to take golfing lessons. However, she stopped golfing because she did not want to have tanned, muscular arms. Her husband, Max Zhang Jin, has now taken up golfing so Ada offers to be his buggy driver. Ada also expressed her disappointment that the ratings for The Gem of Life was not up to expectations. However, Ada has a silver lining - she receives good feedback from viewers about her character!

Ada Choi Queenie Chu The Gem of Life TVB

Maggie Siu, on the other hand, is not worried about the ratings of the series. She also revealed that she plans to host a Christmas party for her fellow co-stars and hopes that Gigi Lai (who has retired from the entertainment industry) can spare some time to join in the celebrations.

Source: 'Gem Of Life' Cast Try A Spot Of Golf (Batgwa)
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