Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gigi Lai announces retirement

During a function to promote The Gem of Life, Gigi Lai took the opportunity to announce her retirement from the entertainment industry. Gigi explained that she will now place even more focus on caring for her brother (who was injured in an accident last year). Shedding some tears when making the announcement, Gigi expressed that she has thought about this retirement issue for a long time. The Gem of Life will be her last series, also her farewell series to the industry that has served her well.

Gigi Lai
Undated photo of Gigi Lai

Gigi thanked TVB for giving her support for the past 20 years. She claimed that her brother's unfortunate accident has altered her outlook on life. "The most important thing in life is not money, but the time you spend with your family. I entered the industry when I was only a teenager and have been in it for 29 years. Having tried everything from singing, acting in movies and dramas, I am thankful and satisfied with what I have achieved today," said Gigi. She might consider going back to school to further her studies, but her prime focus is still her family. Gigi further explained, "I am not going to take on any more commercials, attend any more award ceremonies, release any more albums or film any more shows. This will be the last time I am doing an interview."

Gigi's last words were full of praise and thanks, especially to her Gems co-stars, "I am happy that I was able to film such a great production like The Gem of Life, everything was filmed with care and the script is good. Thank you for all the support TVB, I want to thank every production team who has worked with me before, every actor who has worked with me before and every single one of my fans. I am forever a TVB artist."

Source: on.CC, Sina
Original Translations: Squirt88 @ AsianFanatics, Sunnysnow @ SPCNET Forums

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