Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ha Yu is confident, shares his take on Best Actress

Ha Yu's portrayal of Jo Bao in Moonlight Resonance has earned him praises from many viewers and netizens. Ha Yu is a nominee for the prestigious Best Actor Award along side his son in the same series, portrayed by Raymond Lam. Ha Yu maintained that he has the right amount of confidence, "Of course I would want to win, but there is no certainty. Seeing the netizens support me is just like half-winning to me already. But really, in this world there are many sudden changes. Last year, I was known to have one of the highest chances as well, but failed in the end. As for this year, it seems like my chances are higher. If I still lose, then it's not related to whether I did a good job or not, but related to the methods and qualifications of voting, and by that I would fee more relaxed. Disappointment is inevitable, but I still have to continue to live on, and continue acting." Ha Yu's online votes has managed to surpass even Raymond's who was the earlier front runner for the sought-after award!

Ha Yu

Ha Yu revealed that it was more difficult to portray Jo Bao compared to playing Dai Bao from Heart of Greed. With Dai Bao, he has the chance to appear comical, whereas with Jo Bao, the character is more serious, who made mistakes and yet refuse to acknowledge them. This makes Ja Bao a deeper character if compared to Dai Bao.

Ha Yu also revealed that the success of Moonlight Resonance has indirectly increased the number of job offers he received. During this coming Christmas season, he and his fellow Moonlight Resonance co-stars - Lee Si Kei, Raymond Lam and Linda Chung will be in the United States and Canada for performances and other jobs.

Seeing that Ha Yu is highly rumoured to pick up the Best Actor Award, whom does he prefer to take the female version, the Best Actress Award. Ha Yu believes that all the ladies of Moonlight Resonance are equally capable. But considering Lee Si Kei picked up the award last year, then Ha Yu felt that Michelle Yim and Susanna Kwan deserve a chance at the awards. But if he has to choose between the two, then his choice would be Michelle Yim. In Ha Yu's opinion Michelle portrayed her evil role well even though she did not have many scenes.

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