Saturday, November 8, 2008

Steven Ma treats Cast and Crew of Dogs on the Beat

Steven Ma treated the cast and crew of his new series, Dogs on the Beat to a 5 table hotpot banquet. Among those who attended the dinner include Kent Cheng and wife, Amy, Linda Chung (who plays Steven's love interest in the series), Natalie Tong, Koni Lui and Queenie Chu. All those who attended the dinner were requested to bring along a gift under HKD 50. Steven also shared that this dinner invitation is extended to everyone, just like all his previous treats!

Linda Chung Dongs on the Beat

Steven said he doesn't mind picking up the tabs. "What’s important is that they gave me face by attending and that they had a good time together. It’s not easy to have everyone get together for a dinner. Also, our team have worked really well together," he added.

Steven also revealed that the day before was Kent's wife, Amy's birthday. As such they tried to celebrate her birthday at the dinner as well. Steven also mentioned that he has a good relationship with Kent, akin to one shared by a godfather and a godson.

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