Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Susanna Kwan prepares for TVB Anniversary

Susanna Kwan

Susanna Kwan, a strong contender for Best Actress Award at TVB's Anniversary this year, was seen in Central trying on dresses for the momentous night. After selecting the dress of her choice, Susanna proceeded to a jewellery store to choose matching accessories. Her chosen set of jewels reportedly worth HKD 30 million. Susanna joked that the 2 most important events are marriage and TVB's Anniversary, thus, she has to be most prepared for these 2 occasions.

Susanna Kwan

Michelle Yim, also a nominee for Best Actress, will reportedly be wearing a bareback dress on the awards night. Susanna said it never crossed her mind to fight for the award with Michelle. For Susanna, dressing up beautifully for the night is a sign of respect towards TVB. She also complimented Michelle on her slim figure, saying Michelle looks nice regardless what style she chooses. Susanna said that Michelle is the hot favourite for the award, and she supports Michelle too. Susanna said she will be happy if she won, and will most likely be speechless!

Source: Mingpao with translation by mv_288 @ AsianFanatics.net

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