Sunday, October 12, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Cast celebrates again!

Moonlight Resonance Cast at Dinner

The cast of Moonlight Resonance get together once again for a celebratory dinner. They seem to be celebrating a lot, huh?

The dinner was help at the top floor of Central Wing Lung Bank Building and hosted by Leung Nai Pang, a TVB top exec. Also present for the dinner were TVB executives Stephen Chan, Catherine Tsang and Virgina Lok while the cast members who attended were Lee Si Kei, Raymond Lam, Moses Chan, Kate Tsui, Lee Heung Kam, Suzanna Kwan, Tavia Yeung, Lai Lok Yi and Louis Yuen.

Mr Leung presented the cast with 6 bottles of red wine which they enjoy before the dinner was over.

Raymond Lam at Moonlight Resonance Dinner

Raymond Lam, a nominee for Best Actor award, claims that he does not drink red wine but Mao Tai. Moses Chan played a prank on Raymond by proposing a toast to Raymond, "As the reigning TV King, I hope that this year you will become next TV King." Raymond was happy and they both drink Mao Tai but Moses sneakily swap his Mao Tai with water.

Moses Chan at Moonlight Resonance Dinner

Lee Heung Kam and Tavia Yeung will also be battling each other for Best Supporting Actress award but they both support each other to win. Both agree that friendship is more important while competing is just secondary.

Source: Apple daily
Original Translation: Sakura_drop @ Simply FungYi

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nich said...

What's up with Raymond and the hat? Lately most of his photograph shows him with a hat on.