Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok work with a baby in D.I.E 2

Sonija Kwok and Roger Kwok will start working together again next month to film the sequel to D.I.E, D.I.E 2. Following the ending of the first series, Yu Sir and Jing Jing has a baby. As such, the filming of the sequel requires that Sonija and Roger work with a baby. Sonija may be inexperienced, but she has the help of Roger, who already has a son with wife, Cindy Au.

Roger Kwok and Sonija Kwok D.I.E 2

Roger and Sonija were at TVB City to film the sales presentation for the series. Sonija revealed that she will have many scenes with the baby, who happens to be a psychic and will help Roger to solve crimes."The baby is already very well behaved. In addition, Roger Kwok who is professional has been giving guidance about Baby Psychology while filming. Regardless whether the baby needs milk, he knows very clearly. That is why filming has been particularly successful," Sonija explained.

Roger's other series, Last One Standing, which is currently aired, was the top rating series for last week. The series will end its run this Saturday. Roger hopes that the series will end on a high.

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Anonymous said...

how cool! they get to work with a baby, and a psychic baby as that! hahah, i can't wait to watch it though i know it won't be for a while :D but a psychic baby sounds so interesting!!!


admin said...

D.I.E was good so I'm really looking forward to D.I.E 2. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint (as most sequels usually do!)

Koren said...

I so love the movie D.I.E. I cried all night when Roger died. I can't wait till the t.v. shows comes out. :P