Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Myolie Wu criticised, attends costume fitting with Moses Chan

Myolie Wu and Moses Chan attended the costume filming for new TVB period drama, literally translated as Chau Heung angers Tong Bak Foo. Myolie will play Chau Heung while Moses plays Tong Bak Foo. Chau Heung's character has been "modernised", she now knows martial arts. This is Myolie and Moses' first collaboration. Supporting cast for this new drama include Fala Chen and Chris Lai.

Myolie Wu and Fala Chen

Myolie was bombarded with questions about netizens criticising her acting and will she start to worry if the criticism continues. She brushed it aside, "No, it’s too soon to be scared. As an actress I have to accept any role. Everyone has their opinion, it is necessary to accept it as an actress."

Source: Takungpao
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dreamxpaili said...

fala looks so pretty!!! but i'm disapointed that myolie is starring against moses. i don't really like her as an actress...she needs a lot of improvements

admin said...

Recently Myolie has been crticised by almost everyone, except probably her fans lah. I think she did well in War of in-laws... but not so well in When a Dog loves a Cat.