Monday, October 27, 2008

Raymond Lam late for Malaysia showcase

Raymond Lam is in Malaysia to promote his new album, Your Love. But this, TVB star was late by about an hour for his press conference. Raymond blamed the horrendous traffic as the reason he was late but did apologise to the media for making them wait. The press conference was schedule to start at 3pm but Raymond appeared only at 4.15pm.

Raymond Lam in Malaysia

After the media Q&A session, Raymond explained that the journey from his hotel to the venue for the press conference took 45 minutes which is why he was late. But according to unnamed sources, Raymond was still at his hotel at 3pm when the press conference was supposed to start at 3pm!

Raymond Lam and Vincy Chan

Raymond also expressed his wish to hold a concert one day saying that holding a concert is the goal for every singer. However, Raymond shares that he has a weakness - he can't remember his lyrics! Raymond's second album, Your Love, features a duet with Vincy Chan called After Tomorrow. Raymond explained that working with different female singers will produce different effects. Raymond also revealed that he prefers girls who can sing.

Raymond also revealed that he doesn't take to heart the many news regarding the fight for this year's TV King award. Raymond strongly believes that all actors portray their roles to the best of their ability and not because they want to vie for awards.

Raymond's first showcase in Malaysia was held at Pavilion in KL. About 1000 fans attended the showcase. Even though Raymond was not feeling well, he still sang three songs, Lover and Sea, After Tomorrow (a duet with Vincy) and the subtheme from Moonlight Resonance, Love with no regrets. The microphone was problematic, sometimes working sometimes not.

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Coreen said...

I attended this show case. Didn't managed to obtain closer shots at Raymond but juz being there to see him live was itself a great achievement & a memorable event for me. Hehe...

Anonymous said...

Sponsors of the event, shame on you. Don't embarrass yourselves by using cheap microphones which don't work properly and I don't think it's too much trouble and/or expenses to get a wireless microphone (bcoz the artists do walk around to greet the fans)! At one point of time, Raymond was prevented from greeting the fans on his left bcoz the microphone wire was too short!!

admin said...

I agree to a certain extent that the sponsors are to be blamed for bad preparations etc. Mic malfunction shouldn't happen at all if all tests are conducted way before the event itself.