Monday, October 27, 2008

Bosco Wong has not tried Myolie Wu's cooking

Bosco Wong was invited to a promotional function where he gets to demonstrate his cooking skills. Based on his performance, the chefs gave him a high score of 98%. Bosco said men who know how to cook are sexier. It's not a requirement that his girlfriend must know how to cook (as he already can) but it is a must for all girls to at least know how to cook soup.

Bosco Wong

Bosco has always have a liking for cooking. He even went to his God-mom's hawker stall to learn cooking from the chefs there. Bosco was asked if rumoured girlfriend Myolie Wu has tasted his cooking, in which he said he has only cooked once for her. And even so, that one time he was caught by reporters for doing that. There was actually a party and he was in charge of the cooking. He shared that Myolie has not tasted his cooking recently. He also said that he heard Myolie doesn't know how to cook and he has not tried her cooking.

Source: Mingpao
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