Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gigi Lai's contract frozen, not terminated

Following the announcement from Gigi Lai of her intention to retire, TVB Executive, Stephen Chan said he accepts, understands and respects the reason Gigi wants to retire from the entertainment industry. However, he will wait for her return and strongly believes that there is still room for future collaboration. It is understood that the remainder of Gigi's contract with TVB will not be terminated but instead temporarily frozen. This means to say that should one day Gigi wishes to return, she has an obligation to fulfill the remainder of her contract with TVB.

Gigi Lai Ada ChoiGigi Lai accompanied by Ada Choi when announcing her retirement

Virginia Lok, another TVB Executive, expressed that it is not easy for a company to create a top-level artist such as Gigi. However, Virginia supports Gigi's decision. Virginia added, "(Gigi) Still has many years left (in her contract), but we are putting that aside, previously she earned lots of money for TVB, she is not in TVB’s debt."

Gigi's fellow co-stars in The Gem of Life, all pledge their support and understanding. Ada Choi said, "As long as Gigi is happy, I’m happy, I feel it is a pity, but I am grateful to have collaborated with her in the past two TVB series. We are good sisters, she will not feel lonely, those who love her will always be with her." Lee Si Kei is shocked to hear Gigi's announcement and praised Gigi for being a rare girl who takes such good care of her family. Moses Chan expressed that it's a pity for Gigi to be leaving but knows that she is strong.

Cast of The Gem of Life with Gigi LaiOne last photo with her Gem of Life co-stars

Aside from her family commitments, Gigi hopes to create her own beauty line of products. She also hopes that The Gem of Life will do well and achieve high ratings.

Source: Netease, Sina
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