Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Burning Flame 3 rumours put to rest

Bosco Wong, Kevin Cheng and Wong Hei filmed a scene for Burning Flame 3 attracted many onlookers. There were rumours that Kevin and Wong Hei do not get along, but the rumours were put to rest when the 2 heroes obliged photographers with a shot together.

Burning Flame 3 Wong Hei and Kevin Cheng

Bosco explained that the scene they were filming require 5 to 6 days to complete. There was also a report that the sponsor of the TVB Awards ceremony canceled at the last minute, leaving the trophies without gold plating. Bosco smiled and said, "whatever the award is made out of, it is no problem, the most important is to win the award, that's what is meaningful. If I got an award, even if the award is made out of plastic I would still be happy." Kevin echoed Bosco's thoughts, "Whatever it is, it doesn't matter!"

Burning Flame 3 Bosco Wong

Bosco also pledge his support for Ha Yu and Raymond Lam to pick up awards at the Award Ceremony. Ideally Bosco wished for the best of both worlds, "They (Ha Yu and Raymond) are my picks too! The best is one gets TV King and the other gets Most Favorite Male Character, then we'll all be happy!"

Source: Mingpao, On.CC
Original Translation: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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