Friday, October 3, 2008

Tavia Yeung: To Be or Not To Be...

Tavia Yeung Yi Interview

During the dinner to celebrate the final episode of Moonlight Resonance on September 21, Ms Lok of TVB sat at the same dining table as the lead actors and actresses. Before dinner, Ms Lok raised her glass and propose a toast to Tavia Yeung Yi, "Ah Yuet (Tavia's role in MR), for your beautiful crying scenes! Cheers!"

This proves that Tavia has managed to shine and distant herself from the current crop of TVB artists - Linda Chung, Kate Tsui and Fala Chen.

In today's time where the internet is a powerful medium, numerous artists are subject to criticism from fans and haters. However, for her role in MR, Tavia has managed to avoid all this. Tavia reflected, "After Heart Of Greed, I was disappointed, seeing others being commented on, I wanted to be part of it too, be it positive or negative ones. At the end, no one did." She acknowledge that she was only average then, neither good nor bad. She said "I totally lacked in sense of threat, thinking that I could survive if I just walked along slowly. Never considered the crowd of people who is rushing forward."

It's a good thing that Tavia realises this. She is envious of Kate and Linda's achievements. She challenged herself, "How come other can achieve so much in such a short period of time? I have no background or support, what can I do to compete against them? I was impatient but had no way out."

Tavia's childhood was nothing extraordinary. She grew up in a public housing estate in Shatin. Her father passed away when she was 2. She was one of the few success stories of TVB's acting classes. She didn't come from any beauty pageant. Tavia explained, "I agree that if you’re from a beauty pageant, at least you will be known to the public immediately. However having come from the training course, you could be a step behind. I have never seen a journalist coming into TVB to interview the trainees."

Lee Si Kei acknowledge that her Moonlight Resonance co-star is the top pick for TVB awards, as the paparazzies are waiting for Tavia 24 hours a day. Tavia says, "I enjoy the spotlight and I treasure it, because I know I could be forgotten in two months’ time. In this industry, being good enough is not sufficient. You have to keep thinking of ways to keep yourself fresh in people’s memory. I want people to remember me, honestly, I don’t want to turn back…"

To Be or Not to Be, Original Translation: lissy


Monica said...

I think Tavia was great in Moonlight Resonance. Have seen her in other series and looks like she has potential to be a great actress. She's natural and does not over act her roles. Hope that she keeps up the good work and don't act high and mighty when she gets to the top!!! Guess she'll be awarded with a Best Actress award someday.

I don't know a lot of actresses but I have always like to watch Dodo Cheng, Amy Chan Sau Man and Myolieand now Tavia. I think the roles they acted in are just great. They are not stiff especially when they get to intimate scenes!!!

admin said...

Like I said earlier, it's a pity that Tavia didn't get a nomination for Best Actress for her role in MR. It's because the series has a huge cast and the younger actresses are under the shadows of the seasoned veterans.

TVB should really give her a chance to helm her own series. I love her in The Building Block of Life opposite Alex Fong (also one of my favourite-st actors!).

Much has been said about her crying scenes, and I have to agree that they were brilliant.