Thursday, September 11, 2008

A tale of generosity, are you more generous than I?

Wong Hei is currently busy filming Burning Flame 3 with Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu. Wong Hei shares that the cast frequently treats the crew members to meals and the most generous cast is Kevin Cheng. Everyone takes turns to treat but kevin does it the most. Wong Hei joked that Kevin does it so frequently perhaps he has a wallet that is "thicker" than others.

Wong Hei

There were reports that claimed that Myolie is less generous compared to Kevin but Wong Hei said,"If you say that Myolie treats us less, it honestly is just the thought that counts. As long as she's covered the bill before, no one will be keeping tabs on it. Actually, our producer Wong Sum Wei has treated us the least, only one meal!"

Wong Hei also explained that the cost of filming Burning Flame 3. Initially the team wanted to rent a truck for a long angle shot but it cost $5000 so they decided to keep things simple instead.

Wong Hei also refused to divulge any spoilers about Burning Flame 3; he wouldn't say if his character will die in the end. He praised his fellow actors for their performance saying that they all deserve awards for their portrayal.

Source: MingPaoDaily
Original translation: sparkles_n15 @ AsianFanatics


Anonymous said...

wow wong hei news. ;)
i hope his character doesn't die in the end like BF2.

admin said...

We wouldn't know until the series is aired. I hope he doesn't die too, but sometimes "death" is need to add the "dramatic" effect.