Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lee Heung Kam shares her 2-cents about her co-stars!

Moonlight Resonance has been the hottest, most talked about topic among drama series fans especially those who follow HK dramas. The media has a part to play in making this topic into a sizzling hot one. But this series is also successful because it boasts a stellar cast with wonderful acting skills that managed to capture the audiences hearts. One very notable cast is Lee Heung Kam or Kam Jeh.

Kam Jeh shares that her character, Grandma, will die in episode 37. She has fought for her character to stay alive but the producer says that if Grandma does not pass on, it is difficult for the series to progress.

Kam Jeh also revealed that Grandma was suppose to die in episode 27 but when she read the script for episode 27, Grandma was still alive. Then there are rumours that Grandma will die in episode 30, but it didn't happen either. Alas, this cannot be prolonged and Grandma bids everyone farewell in episode 37!

Kam Jeh is full of praises for her co-stars:

“I admire Michelle Yim’s acting style very much. It’s no longer like how I acted villain role in the past. Si Kei carried her lines very well, powerful and full of emotion. Ha Yu has a very good memory. While we were struggling to memorise the script, he could just come in not long before the shooting start, read the script a bit and remember all of them. But he can easily cry. He doesn’t need to wait for tears in his crying scenes. Another one who can easily cry is Raymond Lam, his control of tears is very natural. This young man is very hardworking, quite good. During filming, his sickness has decreased a lot, he only take two days sick leave.”

“Ah Ying (Susanna Kwan)’s role is very difficult to play, it’s not really rebellious, also not really villain, but her mouth will blow fire whenever she can, her role has a lot of lines, but she made good use of it. Moses Chan interpreted and acted his role in a very special way, is very different from Moses himself. Tavia Yeung is needless to say, I like her acting very much, I have told the Producer that her acting is very good, and is capable to develop in versatility. And there are still others like Linda Chung’s, Kate Tsui’s actings are not bad. Wayne Lai has natural talent for acting. Another one Louis Yuen is also good. Chris Lai, Dexter, and Vincent Wan are satisfactory. I have no scene with Bosco Wong, but his scenes have not much potential to show off his acting, a bit wasteful. Sister Lily is very good! Only had a little screentime but very interesting, pretended to have Alzheimer, pretended to deliver letter, in the end revealed that her son and Ah Ying’s secret set up. Even Brother Chung (Chow Chung), I often laughed at him that all his roles are honest and innocent man, in this series he is stronger and more macho. Haha!”

Kam Jeh considers herself a supporting actress and dismiss any talks of winning the Best Actress Award. All she wants is to be happy when she is filming and the audience likes it.

Source: Sing Pao

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