Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Raymond Lam is a more confident man

Moonlight Resonance has concluded and we know the ending: Goon Ga Zai and Yu So Chau are together at last. Raymond Lam undertook the role of Goon Ga Zai very well and the role made him popular. He thanked the viewers and fans for their support.

Raymond and Linda at Moonlight Resonance Promo

When reporters asked Raymond about his competition for this year's TV King Award, Raymond said, "I work very hard every year. This one (Moonlight Resonance) in particular; due to its popularity, I have gained a lot of confidence." Raymond understands that it won't be an easy feat. "Ha Yu and Moses are both very strong contestants in Moonlight Resonance, and then Gallen and Bobby are also very promising too. This year's competition is going to be tough."

Source: MingPao
Original Translation: dragon888 @ AsianVN

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