Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Moonlight Resonance creates a new record!

Moonlight Resonance, which ended it's run on Sunday achieved the highest peaking rating of a TVB series. Peaking at 50 points, Moonlight Resonance tied with Jewel in the Palace, the hit Korean drama about a palace physician. The average rating for episode 39 and 40, which were aired back-to-back on Sunday, is 47 points.

Moonlight Resonance is definitely the series to watch in 2008!

Source: TVB Chinese News Collection


Anonymous said...

Best Hong Kong Drama I have ever seen. Even better than War & Beauty and Heart of Greed.

admin said...

Agreed. But the TVB executives are saying they won't be making a 3rd series with this group of casts. In a way, it's sad but on the other hand, they're right to quit while they're ahead!

Anonymous said...

I hate the ending of this show. The fat lady(hor ma) dont deserve a single cent. And that is the kind of mother that every1 should fear. A divorce is never a one sided thing. I like (Hong Yi) the most cause she is just trying to protect what values to her the most.