Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tavia Yeung is soaring like an eagle

Since starring in Moonlight Resonance as Yuet a.k.a Lor Lui, Tavia Yeung's popularity has risen tremendously. She is reportedly earning almost HKD 1, 000, 000 in side income from shows and endorsement deals. The popularity of the show has indirectly created many opportunities for Tavia.

Her co-stars in Moonlight Resonance, Lee Si Kei and Moses Chan Ho have praised Tavia's acting skills and thinks she stands a chance in getting the very much sought-after TV Queen Award. Even the netizens and viewers adore her portrayal of Yuet. Tavia said she is thankful that her character Yuet makes her stands out. "Every artiste will put in hard work and will be discovered by people one day. I think the audiences know that I have always put in hard work but only lacking a role that has potential to show off," she said.

Tavia clarified that her side earning income has "not yet reached 1 million" but she hopes that she "will be able to earn it soon". She has intention to change her car as well as buying a new apartment "so that my (her) mother can life more comfortably." Tavia said that she will not be hasty in making the change but will in fact, scout around first. Tavia also rubbished rumours that she had undergone plastic surgery saying "I did not have any plastic surgery. But If I was rumoured so, I would rather be rumoured to have a plastic surgery rather than rumoured to be at odds with others or date others, because plastic surgery rumour will not affect others and no means no".

Tavia is also a congenial person. She gets along well with Christine Ng, Claire Yiu, Moses Chan, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, among others.

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