Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bosco Wong has decided to raise the White Flag

Bosco Wong

Rumours were circulating all over the internet with many netizens claiming that TVB had intentionally increase the screen time for Raymond Lam in Moonlight Resonance to help him win the much-sought-after TV King Award.

During a previous interview, Bosco was quoted to have pledged his support for Ha Yu to win the TV King Award this year, but he has apparently changed his mind saying, "It's going to be Raymond's la!" during an interview with Oriental Daily.

Bosco Wong

The two best friends, Raymond and Bosco, debuted around the same time for TVB and collaborated together in series such as The Last Breakthrough, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion and Heart of Greed.

In Moonlight Resonance, Bosco plays a doctor, Ling Chi Shun, the potential love target of Yu Sou Chau (Linda Chung) and the love rival of Goon Ga Zai / Ho (Raymond). Netizens are not too impressed with Dr Ling, who is a two-timer and claims that Bosco needs to improve on his acting. Bosco clears the air by sharing that his role is rather constrained but expressed that it would have been better if Dr Ling was single and unattached.

Bosco Wong

Bosco also said that he hope that he can win the TV King award, but he also knows that his chances are not big this year, "I want the award too, but will need to look at the timing and many other factors." When asked if he will be jealous of Raymond should Raymond win, Bosco said, "If he becomes TV King, I will not be jealous, we are great friends! I will be happy for him. We aren't going the same route, I am on the comedy route!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Original Translation: aZnangel @ AsianEU

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