Monday, August 25, 2008

TVB freezes Tracy Ip

Tracy Ip
Undated photo of Tracy Ip at an event

Tracy Ip, winner of Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2005, will be frozen by TVB after the Olympics. Tracy has numerous negative news this year and TVB feels that the news were created so that Tracy will get noticed. Unfortunately, this has back fired and her own image has been ruined. TVB has advised Tracy to be extra careful with her actions but this is not effective. Tracy apparently also used the Beijing Olympics to create news and also for self promotion. All these factors has caused TVB to reach the decision to temporarily freeze Tracy.

Tracy has appeared in many drama series of late, such as Love Exchange, When a Dog loves a Cat and the most recent, Moonlight Resonance as Raymond Lam's on/off girlfriend.

Although many negative news surrounding Tracy have surfaced such as breast enlargements, having undergone plastic surgery, travelling with a mid-aged man on expensive trips, Tracy has not reduced her public appearances. TVB is unhappy because all these negative news have tarnished the image of Miss Hong Kong pageant. TVB was also in the opinion that these news were deliberately created by Tracy and a magazine company. However, Tracy strongly denied that she has any part to play in this issue.

Tracy will not be given any roles in any new drama series, and her job as a host for E-Buzz will also be replaced.

When contacted, TVB executive Virginia Lok neither confirm nor deny that Tracy will be frozen. She has also spoken to Tracy about these negative news.

Virgina said "Tracy hasn't really appeared in many tv series and her main work is unrelated to acting. The programme (E-Buzz ) has been stopped for now, but I have not made further arrangements. If she has news reports it may not be good, if they are negative news reports then it will certainly give a bad influence. Now it has definitely got to the point where it's bad. Tracy is a very smart person but she must know how to handle the matters as soon as possible."

Source: Oriental Daily
Original Translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU


Cymbellynne said...

She's pretty, I'd admit that. But this over-eager-ness of hers to establish herself in the entertainment world has completely back-fired. Lesson 101 for a newbie: Stay focused on your jobs, and be patient!

nikkie said...

LOL... Breast enlargements? Kidding right?

admin said...

This just goes on to show that you must also have the brains to go with the beauty. ;)