Thursday, August 21, 2008

Charmaine Sheh, back from a long break

Charmaine Sheh

Charmaine Sheh will start filming a drama series with dayo Wong in October. The drama series, tentatively called Business Doctor will be a light-hearted comedy. Dayo's character will be someone who's good as saving businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy. Charmaine plays his love interest.

This is Charmaine's second collaboration with Dayo, having worked together on Justice Sung 2 previously. And it will also be Charmaine's first attempt at the comedy genre.

Charmaine has recently returned from taking a month long break. This is the longest break she has been on since venturing into the entertainment world.

Charmaine said, "I rested for a month and visited my mum in Hawaii. I still pay attention to the Olympic games, especially gymnastic event. This is because I have practiced on the balance beam before. My biggest dream back then is to do a somersault on the balance beam, but it is really difficult. Therefore I really admired those medalists."

She would also like to meet Yao Ming in person.

Source: Ent 20/08/2008
Original Translation: Idlemindsehseh


Anonymous said...

yay she's back and filming new series with Dayo too. xD

admin said...

Yes, I enjoy most of the series she's in. The character she plays exudes personality and style, which is so typically Charmaine.

It's good to see her first foray into comedy. Hope it works!

nikkie said...

now we all know that she once trained as a gymnast. And Yao Ming... speechless. Hehe...

admin said...

What's wrong with Yao Ming? He's ... urm, tall? LOL!