Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Pillow Case of Mystery

For Malaysian viewers, NTV7 is currently airing this drama. Those of you who are fans of Kenix Kwok, Bobby Au Yeung and Tavia Yeung, you might be interested in re-watching this [as I am].

For the benefit of those who has not seen this 2006 drama, here are the cast list and summary.

A Pillow Case of Mystery Poster

Bobby Au-Yeung as Sze Sai Lun
Kenix Kwok as Heung Yeung
Benny Chan as Wong Tin Ba
Tavia Yeung as Princess Ming Chu
Annie Man
Eileen Yeow
Mary Hon

Total Episodes: 20 (Period Drama)
Aired Dates: Mondays to Fridays, 6 pm
Channel: NTV7 (Malaysian Free-to-air TV)

Sze Sai Lun is a judge with 3 wives. He newly moved into town and soon has to start judging numerous murder cases. These murder cases are often intertwined and full of mysteries. As a judge, Sai Lun personally investigates on each of the cases, but without much success. That is until he found a magic pillow. Inside this magic pillow, is a Pillow God, who communicates with Sai Lun when he fall asleep during his investigations. The Pillow God does not give outright answers to Sai Lun, but only subtle clues. The Pillow God wants Sai Lun to work his brain.

Watch how Sai Lun attempt to solve 6 major murder mysteries with the help of the Pillow God.


nikkie said...

Loved this. Am glad that they are filming the sequel. It's a pity though that Kenix is replaced by Jessica. But Jessica is good too.

admin said...

Hi Nikkie,

I agree that it's a pity not to get Kenix back, but I'm also looking forward to watching Jessica again.

DualR said...

Kenix was good, but I've always thought Jess would be better in such roles..esp. after re-watching Square Pegs. Can't wait for them to air it T_T