Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Catch Me Now

TVB Catch Me NowI am now watching TVB's Catch Me Now. It's a modern day Robin Hood story, intertwined with a case of police and thieves cat-and-mouse chase.

This series stars
  • the very charismatic Damian Lau as the chief of the thieves,
  • Joe Ma as the police head, who is hot on Damian's heels
  • sizzling Fala Chen as Joe's wife
  • and marks the comeback of TVB veteran, Idy Chan as the naive and kind-hearted love interest of Damian.

I'm currently up to episode 9 (there are 20 episodes altogether) and things are pretty interesting. The scenes which involves Damian and his team executing their plans are pretty engaging and full of suspense. Even though, it is legally and morally wrong to steal, you can't help but cheer them on their heist. LOL... The dialogues are witty and funny, and the bond the respective team has also makes this series really interesting.

Supporting casts include Johnson Lee (Damian's cousin and team-mate, computer expert), Koni Lui (Damian's team-mate, sharp shooter), Eric Li (Damian's team-mate, mad racer), Sharon Chan (Joe's sister, who will hook up with Johnson Lee), Aimee Chan (Joe's subordinate), among others.

I can't wait for this series to unfold further, when the characters lives will intertwined and create a complicated and intricate web of relationships, responsibility and commitment.

Will the thieves triumph or will justice prevail?

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