Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Toby Leung & Ron Ng clarifies their relationship

Ron Ng is currently rumoured to be dating Charmaine Sheh, but both repeatedly denied this. Then, enter Benny Chan into the picture when he was quoted as saying he's "waiting for his old love to return and revive their relationship". Benny was previously rumoured to be dating Charmaine. And now, due to a fake Facebook account, Toby is rumoured to have set her relationship status in Facebook, admitting that she is dating Ron! Can you get the picture? It's as confusing as a love triangle rectangle.

Toby and Ron was previously paired in 2 TV series where they were lovers and a married couple. Toby clarified that she does not have a Facebook account and neither has she ever sign up for one.

Her Management said "The person who is claiming to be Toby on Facebook had been using Toby's Yahoo Blog information and posted the same blog pictures on Facebook. Toby has never had a Facebook account because she has always felt there are too many fake people on the internet. She doesn't know their real identities and not sure whether they are her friends. That is why she will not open a Facebook account. Toby does not know who is claiming to be her and it will be difficult to do anything about it".

Ron also said that Toby had SMS-ed him to explain that the Facebook account was a fake. Ron also mentioned that he already knew Toby before she was in the industry and shrug this love triangle rectangle off as a laughable joke!

Source: Mingpao
Original Translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU

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