Thursday, August 28, 2008

Myolie Wu exaggerates her acting?

Do you find Myolie's acting over the top, or do you think her portrayal of characters are always top-notch, perfect to the T?

Myolie WuMyolie Wu spots ugly looking wig!

Myolie's acting style is under scrutiny and she's being accused of exaggerating. Myolie, who appears humble, claims that she has no control over what others' say but will take in all comments and suggestions and strive to improve for the better.

Myolie also shared that she has completed filming Burning Flame 3 and the next project would be to record her debut album. Myolie was asked if, in her opinion, Linda Chung has a head start compared to her as Linda has already released her first album. Myolie said that they are both signed to different recording companies and they do not have to compete on their album releases.

Source: Mingpao
Original Translation: kingkongit27 @ AsianEU

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