Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Online Poll for Moonlight Resonance

Apple Daily recently started an online poll for TVB hit series, Moonlight Resonance. Categories featured in the online poll include Best Acting, Worst Acting, Most Loved Character, Most Hated Character, among others. The online poll, which is still on-going, sees Raymond Lam lead the Best Acting Category. Raymond, who plays one of the children in Moonlight, polled 1,084 votes followed by Tavia Yeung at 554 votes, as of yesterday. Lee Si Kei is in third place with 483 votes.

On the other end of the stick, Linda Chung was unfortunately voted Worst Actor polling 1685 votes. Newcomer, Vincent Wan, who plays the youngest child, Chung zai, is second at 755 votes while Kate Tsui is third with 271 votes.

As for Most Loved Character, the leader of the pack is Kam Wing Ho (played by Raymond) with 1981 votes, followed by Suen Ho Yuet (played by Tavia) at 612 votes and Yu So Sum (Linda's character) with a mere 293 votes.

Linda's Yu So Sum was also voted Most Hated Character garnering 1471 votes while Chung Siu Sa (Susanna Kwan's character) and Yan Hong (Michelle Yim's character) polled 806 and 500 votes respectively.

The poll remains active until September 18. So hurry head over to Apple Daily to cast your vote.

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Wow, Raymond is doing really well in this series, liked by all (including me). His acting has vastly improved and in addition to that, he's character is a nice person and well loved by many. I'm a little surprised though, what did Linda do that she was voted Most Hated Character? I find her portrayal of Yu So Sum alright, plus she has great chemistry with Raymond.

Some netizens are questioning the timing of the poll as the series has just started and viewers are still familiarising themselves with the character. Some characters haven't even make their appearance and in the case of Kate Tsui, she only had a 5-minute screentime. She was judged based on that 5 minutes? That's puzzling. Perhaps, it's better to run the poll after the series has ended for a fairer result.

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