Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When Heaven Burns to finally broadcast

TVB new series When Heaven Burns will take over the 9.30pm time slot from Forensic Heroes 3 on November 21. When Heaven Burns completed filming more than 2 years ago but was not broadcast by TVB. It wasn't until now that the two leads, Bowie Lam and Charmaine Sheh have parted ways with TVB that this series slotted for release.

Cast When Heaven Burns TVB

The cast of [WHB], Bowie Lam, Moses Chan and Kenny Wong took part in the promotional event for the series in Kowloon Bay. Lead actress, Charmaine Sheh was noticeably missing as she is filming in China.

Bowie Lam Kenny Wong Moses Chan When Heaven Burns TVB

At the event, the leads formed a band and entertained the audience. They were seen singing, playing the drums as well as electric guitars; just like their characters do in the series.

Bowie explained that he has mentioned many times that he will take part in the promotional activities for the series. "It is not because I don't have a contract with TVB that I won't promote the series. I am an adult, we aren't like that," adds Bowie.

When asked for his oppinion if the series should have been aired earlier, Bowie says that there are many people who anticipated this series, so perhaps it should have been aired earlier. However, Bowie admits that this is TVB's arrangements.

Bowie does not believe that his and Charmaine's departure from TVB has anything to do with the airing of [WHB]. "We never thought about this, why would this be! This is a TV rated series, perhaps the subject matter is a different type," Bowie explains.

Bowie feels that for the cast to be nominated for next year's TVB Anniversary, TVB could broadcast some clips about a month before the anniversary to give audience a refresher of the series.

Kenny Wong shares that he was happy when he heard that [WHB] was to be aired last year, but when it was delayed, he was a little unhappy.

On the other hand, Moses Chan was more philosophical about the broadcast timing of the series. While many are concerned about whether the series can get the awards, but Moses' concern is wheter the series can bring out the "modern romance atmosphere". He explains, "The series is airing now is not because of Bowie and Charmaine. Why would TVB air the series when the two are not here! It is just a matter of timing. Even if the series airs now, I'll still be happy. Although people are unhappy about the broadcast period, we are still filled with confidence."

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel @ AsianUniverse.net

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i love tvb movie but totally not tis ones. bad drama, i dont see any intresting part on the movie.waste of time !!!!!!!