Sunday, June 19, 2011

TVB announces sequel for Ghetto Justice

Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu and Sharon Chan attended the promotional event for TVB series, Ghetto Justice, recently. They celebrated the high ratings achieved by the series.

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A few days ago, the top news in HK entertainment was Myolie's rumoured boyfriend, Bosco Wong was secretly photographed in his house in his birthday suit. Kevin Cheng expressed that the government should take this incident seriously and address this issue.

TVB has made the decision to block the two publications (Sudden weekly & FACE) from all their events and prohibit them from interviewing any TVB artistes for two months. Kevin says that his is just a temporary measure and is not addressing the matter at its core. After two months, then everything will be back to what it was before.

Myolie's mood has notably improved, appearing rather relaxed at the event. Myolie expressed that the unhappy events are over and she does not wish to talk about the issue anymore. Having been in the industry for some time now, Myolie says she has an understanding of the "media-artiste relationship".

When asked about Bosco's mood, Myolie shares, "some magazines' work as the media turns into peeping tom, using their cameras to go violate a person's privacy and think that as long as they are under the 'freedom of news' hat that they can just do anything. There is also a limit in making news, using the camera to violate a person's privacy is way over."

Good news for fans of LAW BA
Ghetto Justice will have a sequel and filming will begin as early as October. The sequel will feature the original [GJ] cast and it will also revolves around the legal genre. As to whether it is a direct or indirect sequel, this is still unclear. Also, the producer, Tong Kei Ming, has resigned as such the sequel will be produced by Chan Wai Koon. Producer Tong shares that he has plans to film a movie version of Ghetto Justice but it all depends on Kevin and Myolie's availability.

Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel @


Anonymous said...

I really love the series "Ghetto Justice" esp the characters of LAW BA and MAI GEORGE and other cast. There's something unique about this series which i find hard to describe. Really miss the show and can't wait for the sequel!! well done guys, hope to see u soon!!!

Anonymous said...

ya but i heard in the sequel L.A Law will marry someone else!!! well first it will kris but later in the series he gets ho lai (niki chow) as wife i personally don't like niki and the character she is going to play in the sequel

- nich - said...

I'm not sure about Nikki Chow's involvement in the sequel, haven't heard anything like that.

Anyway I don't think TVB will separate Law Ba and Kris seeing that the audience loves them and they have such awesome chemistry together.