Friday, June 17, 2011

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu: A bickering pair of lovers

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu portray a bickering couple in TVB's latest series Ghetto Justice. This is not the first collaboration for this duo, it is actually their third. And as the saying goes - third time's the charm! Their third collaboration bears excellent fruit with amazing chemistry, much to the audiences' delight.

Myolie Wu Kevin Cheng Ghetto Justice TVB AOD

Myolie explains, "previously, we collaborated in Strictly Come Dancing 2 and Burning Flame 3. Perhaps in [BF3], our roles were more restrain and there isn't much noise when we come together! This time, Kevin's role is very playful, breaking through that handsome look he had in the past. He's laid back and ghetto, in fact he is just being himself!"

Myolie Wu Ghetto Justice TVB AOD

Myolie is full of praise for her wonderful co-star, calling Kevin the "good-deal King"! "Actually there isn't just Moses Chan as the good deal in TVB, Kevin is also a good one! I do hope to have some rumors with him!" jokes Myolie.

Kevin says the good ratings achieved boosts his confidence level. "I am not shooting series for awards, good public response wins over everything!" Kevin explains. Myolie shares Kevin's thought and adds, "the viewers' taste is hard to guess, but we had a great time shooting this series. Perhaps, the viewers enjoy watching us bicker!"

Kevin Cheng Ghetto Justice TVB AOD

Kevin also complimented Myolie, saying that she is a good girl and has tremendous talent. ""I am just a normal single man, still haven't found a girlfriend. Although Myolie is a good girl, but unfortunately she is unavailable! Haha!" says Kevin in jest.

The series is zooming in to the last 5 episodes this week but the viewers have yet to see the much talked about kissing and make out scenes by the pair. Myolie explains that she was initially quite shy but they communicate before filming and managed to complete the scenes in one or two takes.

Kevin recalled a scene that was quite intense. He revealed that he discussed the positions with Myolie earlier and once filming begins, he will not add or subtract movements. Kevin reasons that any unplanned positions may scare off any girl.

In Ghetto Justice, Kevin has numerous bold performances including him exposing his butt-crack in the first episode. He also ran around the house in nothing but a towel. "The script initially had me reveal just my underwear, but my choice of underwear is just too clean, doesn't fit LA LAW's character. In the end, the director told me to pull my pants down a little more, it's pretty ok!"Kevin shares even more.

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