Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wayne Lai shoots down the idea of Rosy Business 3

TVB's Rosy Business and its indirect sequel No Regrets received good ratings and praises from the audience. Although, at the recent TVB Anniversary Awards [NR] lost the Best Series Award to Can't Buy Me Love, there are still talks about filming a third sequel to this award winning franchise.

However, Best Actor winner, Wayne Lai does not feel that filming a third installment is a good idea. Wayne reasons, "I think we should quit while we're ahead. I don't agree on filming a third installment."

Producer, Lee Tim Sing was reported as saying should a third sequel for [RB] is filmed, the series would have to be set in modern times. After all [RB] was set in ancient times (Qing Dynasty) while [NR] was set in the pre-modern (early republic) era. However, Producer Lee admits that filming a "modern era" [RB] would be extremely challenging and difficult.
Wayne Lai Sheren Tang
A celebration dinner was held for the cast and crew of [NR] courtesy of TVB's Co-Chairman, Norman Leung. At the dinner, Norman addresses some issues highlighted by netizens including the "unfairness" from the Anniversary Awards. Norman explained that it is reasonable for [CBML] to win the best series award as it is the highest rated series of the year. He also explained that every award given out was based on appropriate scoring. As for Raymond Lam's surprise win for "Favourite Male Character" award, Norman reveals that it is not easy to choose between Raymond and Moses Chan. Similarly it was tough choosing between Wayne and Moses for the best actor award.

Wayne throws his support behind Raymond for winning "Favourite Male Character". Wayne explains that the audience loves Raymond and there's no benchmark for liking a particular character. He also praises Moses for having a good performance as well.

TVB's management executives, Stephen Chan, Virginia Lok and Catherine Tsang all attended the celebratory dinner. Virgina Lok explained that she dare not discuss contracts with Wayne and Sheren Tang before the awards to avoid reports of the two artistes exchanging contracts for awards. However, after the awards, she can talk contracts with the two two-time award winners. She hopes to use the the most sincere method to persuade them with lots of money as well as long-term contracts.

Virginia also notes that Sheren's manager is her long-time friend, Helen, so she would not try to take Sheren away from Helen unless Helen retires. As for Wayne, his manager is his wife - which according to Virginia, they already have a lifetime contract together.

Sheren admits that she is a little touched when she heard that Virginia is sincere in persuing her with money. Sheren adds that should her manager helen retires, she would definitely consider TVB first if she was to sign another long-term contract. Reporters asked Sheren if she will buy a house to reward herself for her win at TVB Anniversary Awards, but Sheren says, "financing a house is a punishment, not a reward!"

Source: Mingpao with translations by llwy12@

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