Saturday, November 20, 2010

Links to Temptation to air after Gun Metal Grey

Fala Chen Steven Ma Links to Temptation

Steven Ma, who is currently busy filming Thunder of the Forbidden City, is excited to learn that his new series, Links to Temptation will be airing soon. [LTT] is scheduled to take the place of the 9.30pm timeslot replacing Gun Metal Grey. Steven reveals, "although I'm covered with cuts and bruises from shooting [Thunder of the Forbidden City], but when I heard that my series is going to air soon, whatever pain I have I can survive!" Steven feels confident in the series regardless of the timeslot given as he feels that a good series will have the support of viewers.

[LTT] sees Fala Chen's first attempt at being a female lead in a series. Fala explains that she loves to partner with Steven, whom she dubbed her "brother". "He has always loved me and can keep secrets. I would usually tell him my concerns and what's on my mind," reveals Fala. Fala also wishes that Steven will take home the coverted TV King award this year, "it would be best if we could both win together for Ghost Writer!"

Source: Mingpao with translations by aZnangel@

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