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Gun Metal Grey snubbed at TVB Anniversary Gala

TVB's 43 Anniversary Gala was held on Friday, November 19. However, the event was plagued by a controversy. TVB was accused of neglecting its anniversary series, Gun Metal Grey in favour of its other anniversary series, No Regrets.

The prologue of the Anniversary was a satrical skit of TVB high rated series for 2010 such as Can't Buy Me Love, No Regrets, Every Move You Make, When Lanes Merge and The Mysteries of Love. However, the highly rated Gun Metal Grey was not included in the skit. Moreover, the majority of the cast for [GMG] was not invited to attend the gala.

Michael Miu and Felix Wong share dissatisfaction via social media

Felix Wong Michael Miu

Felix Wong was very much upset by TVB's alleged snub and vent his anger on microblogging platform, Weibo. Felix posted, "Someone said a well applauded series does not get attention, lacks promotion and was repeatedly suppressed... Which company is this? " Michael Miu, his co-star in [GMG] replied with Not a company... did a person do this?. This prompted Felix to post another reply, totally very bad, I'll hold it!

After both Felix and Michael's Weibo post went live, many reporters were quick to seek both for their explaination on the matter. Michael was frank in his reply and said that TVB isn't giving [GMG] the attention it deserve. "Before there was little promotion, now we didn't get invited to the anniversary celebration, really what happened? Did we offend someone?" Felix also shares Michael's dissatisfaction, "Many fans asked me why it's like that? I also want to know why, I am part of the audience too, I don't know what policy TVB has."

Reporters asked Felix if he will get an explanation from TVB but Felix said that was unnecessary and said TVB should make the explaination on TV instead. He also added that TVB did not even extend the invitation to the anniversary gala to even 1 cast member* from [GMG]! " It's fine that they didn't even mention [GMG], but TVB should really at least ask us if we want to attend... turns out that they didn't ask any one of us, I already asked Michael and Jessica Hsuan," said Felix.

Tong Kei Ming, the producer of [GMG] also felt that the cast of [GMG] was treated poorly, "TVB should be taking care of their artists regardless. I can only say gold fears no fire, it's good enough the series got good public praises!"

TVB Anniversary Gala's program producer, Wai Sai Fai, does not agree with Michael and Felix's outbursts. He clarified that the anniversary gala was to celebrate TVB's anniversary and not a platform for series promotion. It is meant to be an entertaining and relaxing show. Wai said, "[GMG] is a law enforcement drama, serious dramas cannot be played with. Actually, the sitcom Some Day wasn't invited either, we considered what's right to play with before we made arrangements. Even if many of the artists didn't do a performance, they still got to be on stage for a raffle drawing to win prizes. I don't understand why they (Michael and Felix) didn't come, but the artiste department is responsible for arranging the artists, I also feel pitiful, I don't understand why they are unsatisfied, why didn't they say so before the fact. I always have my phone on, if there is a complaint, why didn't call me to talk about it!"

Jessica Hsuan and Nancy Wu respond to the issue

Jessica Hsuan

Jessica Hsuan confirms that she was not invited to attend TVB's Anniversary Gala but claims that she "expected it". She says, "I already mentioned it to Felix before, it has been different in the last few years, know it in the heart. Artistes can just do well on their own part, having audience support is already satisfying enough. Perhaps he left the company for too long and didn't know! He's a good actor, if he stops then it's a pity. He is hardworking, not getting the attention is not fun! TVB should also be more fair, in fact the series has lots of supporters. When I was doing facial, young girls were saying they were watching Felix and Michael as they ate dinner, proves that they got the young girls' heart!"

Meanwhile, Nancy Wu who starred in both [GMG] and [NR] gave a neutral answer when she was asked to comment on Felix's outbursts. Nancy explained, "Felix is really crafty, his words actually has an ulterior motive, he wants to use this extreme method to promote the series. The cast from our series have a very good relationship off-screen. Every time the public gives good reactions, we always go out for a meal!" Nancy also confirms that she will be attending TVB's Anniversary Awards on December 5.

Pierre Ngo and Evergreen Mak respond as well

Pierre Ngo and Evergreen Mak was in TVB for the recording of Fun with Liza and the Gods. As both are in [NR], reporters asked for their comments as well. Pierre feels that TVB did not deleberately neglect [GMG]. He adds that he watches [GMG] every night and it's a good series.

Evergreen also comments on the issue and says that Felix may just be joking. He says [GMG] has good ratings and he is also following the series.

* Nancy Wu although did attend the gala, she was there to represent No Regrets

Source: 1. Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel@; 2. Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel@

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Belle said...

TVB is known to favour its own contracted artistes. However in this case, TVB prolly thinks NR will fare better after the success of RB.