Saturday, October 16, 2010

Natalie Tong no longer a frail girl

Natalie Tong, last seen in The Comeback Clan, is currently filming new series The Truth with Raymond Wong and Tavia Yeung. Filming during summer has been tough for Natalie. She says that she has been physically weak and can easily succumb to heatstroke which may cause her to faint.

Natalie is determined to rid herself of the "frail girl" tag. She starts taking Chinese medicinal herbs to improve on her health. She shares that she has low blood pressure and as such, she gets dizzy easily. She also reveals that people who work with her are sometimes very frightened as she may faint anytime.

However, after taking the Chinese medicinal herbs for a few months now, Natalie can feel the difference. "It has been effective, even if I don't have enough sleep, it's no problem," says Natalie.

The storyline for The Truth is reportedly based on actual happenings. Natalie explains that there is a sense of challenge filming the series. "The story is not based on imaginations, have to think back on to how the person involved was feeling, there's a fresh feeling [to this style of acting]," Natalie explains.

After filming for The Truth wraps up (tentatively end of November), Natalie will film a Qing Dynasty period series. She will be collaborating with Sunny Chan and hopes to seek more advise from him. Calling Sunny her "si fu" or loosely translated as mentor, Natalie reveals that she has worked with Sunny in many series prior. She shares that he is very good in acting and has taught her a lot.

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel@

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