Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cast of No Regrets all geared up for series premiere

No Regrets Cast TVB
TVB new series No Regrets held another round of promotional events recently. The series, due to premiere on Monday, was attended by many cast members including Wayne Lai, Sheren Tang, Fala Chen, Raymond Wong, Susan Tse and Pierre Ngo. They appeared at the event in their costumes from the series which is set in the pre-modern era.

Producer for [No Regrets] Lee Tim Sing said, "if this drama series is not good, then I'm going back to the village to pick cow dung." Upon hearing this, Sheren said, "Then I'll open a few farms to reuse those cow dung!" Sheren also revealed that last year, Wayne promised to treat everyone for a vacation if the ratings for Rosy Business was high. She asked Wayne if he would be doing the same for [No Regrets], to which Wayne replid, "This year the ratings should break through, you make so much extra money, we'll treat together!"
Wayne Lai Sheren Tang No Regrets TVB
Wayne expressed that he has the confidence for No Regrets to break the ratings for Jewel in the Palace. Reporters asked if the ratings for [No Regrets] would include the ratings for online viewers as well, but Wayne declined. He has confidence in the series breaking the record for [JITP]. Wayne clarified that he will not be treating everyone to a vacation, but may considering treating everyone to a meal.

It is reported that after watching the premiere for [No Regrets] on Monday, Sheren would have to fly to China for a new series. However, this does not mean that Wayne will have to fly solo for the subsequent promotions for [No Regrets]. Wayne explained, "She'll come back when it's time to promote, we all care about the series, she's very hard working! It's pretty difficult earning some extra income."
Raymond Wong Fala Chen No Regrets TVB
In [No Regrets], Fala Chen will have a scene whereby she was raped by the Japanese. Reporters asked if this is Fala's most intense performance so far, but Fala remained tight-lipped, "When the time comes, everyone will find out! " She adds that she believes viewers won't be watching merely to see her body figure, but the scene will be pretty emotional too.

Pierre Ngo will have many scenes opposite Wayne. Reporters asked Pierre if he has confidence to take home the Most Improved Actor award at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards but Pierre said that it is hard to say as there are other nominees too.

Source: Oriental Daily with translations by aZnangel@

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