Saturday, February 6, 2010

StarHub TVB Awards 2010

Here are the list of nominees and winners for the inaugural StarHub TVB Awards. The awards was held in Singapore on January 29, 2010. A number of TVB artistes attended the award ceremony including Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Roger Kwok, Steven Ma, Fala Chen, Susanna Kwan, Wayne Lai and Nancy Sit.

Here are the list of nominees with winners in bold red.

My Favourite TVB Actor
Michael Miu
Raymond Lam
Steven Ma
Ron Ng
Moses Chan
Bowie Lam
Michael Tse
Roger Kwok
Bosco Wong
Kevin Cheng

My Favourite TVB Actress
Tavia Yeung
Shereen Tang
Charmaine Sheh
Louise Lee
Michelle Yim
Susanna Kwan
Jessica Hsuan
Linda Chung
Myolie Wu
Liza Wang

My Favourite TVB Male Character 2009
Raymond Lam - Goon Ga Jai / Kam Wing Ho
Moses Chan - Kam Wing Ka
Michael Tse - Laughin Ko
Ron Ng - Chung Lap Man
Wayne Lai - Chai Kau
Roger Kwok - Yue Chi Long
Kevin Cheng - Cheung Sing Hei
Bowie Lam - Ko Cheung Sing
Bosco Wong - Kwo Dak/Kyle
Steven Ma - Tse Wong Sheung

My Favourite TVB Female Character 2009
Louise Lee - Hor Ma
Tavia Yeung - Suen Ho Yuet
Susanna Kwan - Chung Siu Sa / Sa Yee
Fala Chen - Kam Wing Hing
Linda Chung - Yu So Sum
Kate Tsui - Sung Chi Yan
Shereen Tang - Hong Po Kei
Sonija Kwok - Ying Jing Jing
Charmaine Sheh - Ma Kwok Ying, Bell
Myolie Wu - Chow Lai Mun

My Favourite TVB Drama
Moonlight Resonance
War of In-Laws II
Forensic Heroes II
The Gem of Life
Burning Flame III
Rosy Business
Last One Standing
The Master of Taichi

My Favourite TVB Variety
Be My Guest
Club Sparkle
Super Trio Supreme
Boom Boom Ba
So Good
Beautiful Cooking
On the Road
TVB8 International New Talent Singing Championship
Super Taste
Lady First

My All Time Favourite TVB Female TV Character *
Nancy Sit (A Kindred Spirit)

My All Time Favourite TVB Male TV Character *
Roger Kwok (Square Pegs)

My All Time Favourite TVB Drama *
War And Beauty

* Some of the nominees for these categories are from series from way back then and I have difficulty identifying them. As such, I did not include the nominee list, just the winners.

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