Friday, July 31, 2009

Flora Chan returns to TVB

Flora Chan took a break from her acting career to be with her family. After 6 long years, she is now ready to make her comeback. She will be collaborating with Joe Ma in new TVB series, Searching for Lost Love. Flora appeared at the costume fitting session last week and was presented with flowers and doll as a Welcome Back token from her colleagues. Other cast members confirmed for the series include Sharon Chan and Him Law.

Flora Chan Searching for Lost Love TVB drama

Flora and Joe had previously collaborated in TVB's 2003 Anniversary Series, Triumph in the Skies. In Searching for Lost Love, Joe will take on the role of an undercover, while Flora plays a former gangster.

Flora Chan Searching for Lost Love TVB drama

Flora revealed that she had previously turned down 7 to 8 scripts (including 2009 Anniversary series Root of Evil) due to bad timing. This time, she is ready to film again. Besides that, she also wants to train her daughter, Mira to be independant. "In the past two years, I have been with my daughter 24 hours a day, I want to learn how to let go, do the things I like to do again. I also hope that she could be more independent," explains Flora.

Flora Chan Searching for Lost Love TVB drama

Reporters (as usual) were quick to ask Flora about her remuneration for this comeback series. Flora laughed off the question and says, "Haha, you have to ask my manager....there might have been a raise." Reporters also asked Flora if she hopes to boost her popularity with this series, which she replies, "At this stage, I am not going to think too much, there are many things in life I can't control. The most important thing is to do my best on my part, able to do justice for myself, the role and the Producer."

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