Friday, July 31, 2009

Aimee Chan talked about her chilhood ambition

Aimee Chan TVB

When Aimee Chan was a little girl, her choice of ambition was to be a police officer. However, her mother felt that being a police officer is too dangerous, thus forced Aimee to change her ambition. Aimee drops her dream but thanks to Burning Flame 3 Aimee gets to taste what it is like to be one.

Aimee's character in Burning Flame 3, Easy, is a straightforward person. She is frank and very tomboy-ish. Usually Aimee takes on feminine roles, but the role of Easy posed some challenges for Aimee.

Aimee Chan TVB

To prep herself for this role, Aimee watched past TVB productions with police themes such as Armed Reaction and The Academy Franchise. Aimee shares, ""Earlier I spent a lot of time learning how to have that female police officer mentality. I watched 'Armed Reaction' and 'The Academy' to learn how they talk and what they usually do. Even the walking style, I would try to do."

Aimee Chan TVB

Aimee gets into character and reveals that she changed into another person during filming. "I am like that. Whatever role I play, it will impact me in reality in some way. Becoming a female officer in such a short period of time, friends thought that I changed, but it's nothing. After a while, I will be back to normal," explains Aimee.

Aimee not only dreams of becoming a police officer, she also has a penchant for all things in uniform. She shares that she owns many uniforms and military items in her personal collection which she started since she was a child. Reporters ask if Aimee would specifically targets men in uniform as her potential life partner, but Aimee clarifies, "Well I won't look for one purpose, he doesn't have to work in the rescue discipline There also needs to be fate! Let fate decide."

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