Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heart of Greed

Heart of Greed TVB Drama 8TV

Ha Yu as Tong Yan Kai (Dai Bao)
Louise Lee as Ling Hau (Dai Khai)
Susanna Kwan as Wong Sau Kam (Sai Khai)
Moses Chan as Tong Chi On (Dak Dak Dei)
Bosco Wong as Tong Chi Yat (Gilbert)
Chris Lai as Tong Chi Foon
Fala Chen as Tong Chi Yan
Linda Chung as Seung Joi Sum
Raymond Lam as Alfred Ching Leung
Yoyo Mung as Sui Mak Mak
Tavia Yeung as Jackie Cheuk Man Lai
Michelle Yim as Ling Lei
Louis Yuen as Ling Bo

Total Episodes: 40 episodes
Aired Dates: June 5 to July 30, 2009
Time Slot: Mondays to Fridays, 7.00pm
Channel: 8TV (Malaysian-Free-TV)

Tong Yan Gai (Dai Bao) is the owner of dried sea products and abalone store. He is legally married to Ling Hau but has a live-in second wife Wong Sau Kam. He has four children, Chi On (Dak Dak Dei), Chi Yat (Gilbert), Chi Foon and Chi Yan. Chi On is adopted by Dai Bao and Ling Hau. Chi Yat and Chi Yan are Ling Hau's children while Chi Foon is Sau Kam's son.

Ling Hau was previously diagnosed with cancer. She did not expect to overcome the illness and as such, she arranged for Sau Kam to marry Yan Gai and take over her motherly duties. However, Ling Hau managed to beat the odds and survived the cancer. Sau Kam remains as Dai Bao's second wife although she is not legally married to him.

Sau Kam has always been worried about her position in the family. She is greedy and is always plotting to get Dai Bao's fortunes. She also engaged the help of Ling Bo (Ling Hau's brother) to create problems and misunderstandings. Ling Hau is determined to keep her family together at all costs. She is a wise lady who puts the family back together after each mess.

After Dai Bao and Ling Hau's death, Sau Kam fights for the family fortune from Ling Hau's children. She made false accusations and contaminate the family name to get her way.

The Tong family has a big problem on their hands and needs to rely on Sheung Joi Sum, Chi Yan and Dak Dak Dei's friend to help them.

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