Friday, June 19, 2009

Charmaine Sheh scores full marks in Beautiful Cooking

The filming of TVB mega-production, Beyond the Realm of Conscience, has completed. Charmaine Sheh's is not so busy filming dramas and has time to film other programs. She recently filmed for TVB's Beautiful Cooking. Charmaine was allowed to bring along someone as her assistant on the cooking program.

Charmaine Sheh Beautiful Cooking 2 TVB

Charmaine brought along her mother as her assistant. With her mother's help, she scored full marks on the program. Charmaine laughed when she finds out the result and says her decision to bring her mum was the correct one.

Reporters asked Charmaine's mother if she has met Kevin Cheng, who is currently rumoured to be dating Charmaine. Charmaine's mother avoided the question and shares with reporters that she rarely watches Charmaine's dramas, much less the dramas without Charmaine. Her mother also says that she has never pushed Charmaine to settle down. She adds that modern women can earn their own keep and she will give Charmaine the freedom to live her life the way she wants to.

Source: Mingpao with translations by sparkles_n15 @


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charmaine look beautiful and great ! :) love u 4ever !

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good !

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this episode never aired!!!!!!!!!!!!