Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jessica Hsuan changes her mind about children

The first episode of Just Love 2 was aired last night. To celebrate the broadcast of the first episode, its cast members including Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Natalie Tong, Casper Chan and Gill Singh attended a promotional event at Olympian City recently. The celebration also coincide with the birthdays of two of its cast members, Natalie and Casper.

Jessica Hsuan Sunny Chan Just Love 2 TVB Drama Astro on demand

Jessica, who reprised her role as the no nonsense judge, Hei Man, is also the wife of Sunny's character, Kot Kwok Kwong and mother to Yin Cho. Jessica shares that playing the role of a mother has taught her to be more patient. She was previously reported to have said that she doesn't like children but after filming Just Love 2, Jessica has since changed her mind. Although Jessica is currently single (and available!), she reveals that if she was to have children, she would give up her career and become a stay-at-home mum.

Jessica is planning a trip to Europe in June but fears that she may be quarantined upon her return to Hong Kong due to the A (H1N1) influenza outbreak. Sunny, who has a son, is worried about the spread of the flu virus. Sunny reveals that he has stopped taking his son to the playground.

Natalie Tong Just Love 2 TVB Drama Astro on demand

Natalie Tong, who plays Sunny's sister, Kot Bo Yee, turned 28 recently. Natalie shares that she would celebrate her birthday by having a meal with her fans. She will then have dinner with her friends after that. She would not be celebrating her birthday in a lavish manner this year due to the passing of her mother recently.

Source: Takungpao, Oriental Daily with translations by R.E.D @ AsianVN.com

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